Young scientists’ generous gesture

Renwick School students Lily Ball and Reece Glennie. Photo: Matt Brown.

A short stay in the hospital inspired two young entrepreneurs to donate money from their science fair project towards toys for Wairau Hospital.

Renwick School students Reece Glennie and Lily Ball devised an ant repellent for the Marlborough Lines Science & Technology Celebration that worked so well it “shocked” the young scientists.

The two pupils from room 19 followed the scientific method for their first individual science fair project, experimenting on troublesome ants coming in through the window of their classroom.

“There were a lot of ants in the classroom and at home,” 11-year-old Lily says.

They experimented with apple cider vinegar, lavender and lemon juice, using honey as a control.

“Many ants came for the honey,” Reece, 10, says.

They collated the data and had mixed results with the various ingredients but came upon the winning formula when they mixed the ingredients together.

“We were shocked,” Reece says.

“It made every single ant go.”

The two students were so happy with their product, they started selling jars of the eco-friendly ant repellent, with the goal to buy new toys for the Wairau Hospital.

They raised $24.

“We bought heaps of toys and gave them to the Wairau hospital,” Reece says.

“We have learnt to solve problems and we got together as a team and it worked really well,” he says.

The year six students received a silver award for their project.

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