Police confident of justice for homicide victim Jess Boyce

The chair she used sits empty, laughter from celebrations past hang in the air.

Two Christmases have past, two birthdays she wasn’t there for and countless special moments missed.

As the second anniversary of her disappearance draws closer, the Blenheim detective in charge of the case says there is more than one suspect.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ciaran Sloan says they know the people who are responsible for her disappearance.

“A small number of people still need to be spoken to and plans are in place to do this soon. We are in negotiation to get parties to the table.

“Fairly early on after Jess disappeared a group of people were identified as persons of interest.

‘We had enough information to know that there were other people involved and it became a homicide investigation.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Ciaran Sloan believes there will ultimately be justice for Jessica Boyce. Main photo: Paula Hulburt.

Jessica, known as Jess, was last seen on 19 March 2019, her disappearance sparking nationwide search for those responsible.

For the experienced detective, Jess’s case is one that’s always on his mind.

At one point the investigating team was one of the largest pulled together in Marlborough. A key core remains dedicated to the case.

Detective Senior Sergeant Sloan is determined to find closure for Jess’s family and a chance for them to say goodbye properly.
People will talk, he says.

“I believe that at some stage in the future, somebody, somewhere will be sitting in a police cell on a completely unrelated matter and want to talk to us.

“They will be looking to save their own skin.

“We are making progress and we do believe we know who was involved in her disappearance.

“The investigation team has travelled from Northland to Canterbury interviewing witnesses and people of interest to the inquiry.
“Many of these people were living in Marlborough at the time Jessica went missing but have now moved out of the area for a number of reasons.

Jess’s uncle and family spokesman, Brent Boyce hopes police will find justice for Jess.

Jessica Boyce was 27 years old when she disappeared. Photo: File

“It will bring no real comfort to those who were close to Jess, but perhaps some closure. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and kindness over these very trying last two years.

“Jess’s family and friends will need this support more than ever as the details of the investigation are exposed in the coming months,” he says.

Jess was last seen near Renwick, Marlborough, in a red ute.

The vehicle was found three days later in the Mount Richmond Forest Park, seemingly abandoned. Jess’ purse and mobile phone minus its sim card were found inside.

Police believe the ute was deliberately dumped in a bid to mislead police.

Jess’s disappearance officially became a homicide case in October 2019.

Last week, Brent paid tribute to investigating officers. The police maintain a regular line of communication with the family, he says.

“We are beholden to the police for the diligence of their ongoing efforts, and for their empathy with helping us understand – they have our utmost respect.”

Several overseas enquiries have also been made in relation to forensic evidence, and investigators are awaiting final results.

Brent says the family continue to suffer and spending time together remembering her helps bring some comfort. Her disappearance has been a rollercoaster of emotions for them all.

“In this time, we have experienced all the highs and lows of hope and despair.

“From what was initially considered a harmless wandering off, to become an unexplained disappearance, to finally a homicide.

Not only have the perpetrators of this harmed Jess, they have also harmed her family and her friends by their misdeeds.

“As a family, we gather regularly, and Jess is never far from our thoughts and hearts.

Jessica Boyce was a bubbly and devoted friend. Photo: File

“In our Jess’s memory – we would ask that you also look after yourselves and your families; and be caring and resolute as the investigation unfolds.”

Police encourage anyone who has any information at all which may assist to contact Police on 105 and quote file number 190322/7217.
Information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Community supporter Alister Neal with Fire Fighter Scottie Henry. Photo: Paula Hulburt

Fire fighters’ life-saving donation

A volunteer fire force has raised thousands of dollars to bring a life saving device to a rural community.

Rarangi Voluntary Rural Fire Force has put up a defibrillator outside the Beach Road station.

It means people in the immediate area can access vital treatment faster should they suffer a cardiac arrest.

Firefighter Scottie Henry says the move fills a gap in getting emergency help when every second counts.

“It’s about community resilience.

“We have one [a defibrillator] on the truck but if we’re out it’s inaccessible.

“People do pull up outside the station in an emergency and to have the defibrillator here could save someone’s life.”

The community gave generously to the call for funds which helped pay for the $4000 defibrillator, batteries and pads.

A locked box keeps the equipment safe and users need to call 111 to get the pin number to unlock it.

With about 340 households in the vicinity of the station, it’s important that help is available as soon as possible, Scottie says.

“For every minute without defibrillation, a person’s chance of survival decreases by around 10 per cent.”

The 14-strong volunteer force put a call out on Facebook for donations and then knocked on hundreds of doors around the community to secure funds.

People were delighted to take part and support the initiative, says Scottie.

“We are a community that looks after each other and if anyone, locals or tourists, need help, the defibrillator is there.

“It’s easy to see in its bright yellow case and there are instructions on it to follow.

“When you call 111 an operator will stay on the phone to talk you through what to do until help arrives,” he says.

Training people how the defibrillator works is the next step to help save lives.

“We hope that St John might help with that,” Scottie says, who revealed the Rarangi Fire Fighter Sky Tower Team 2020 had done well at last week’s challenge in Auckland.

Todd Neal came first in the Grand Master and Donned categories (carrying equipment) while James Cowie was second in his age group and in the Grand Masters.

The brigade is also starting a junior crew in the New Year.

“Five keen local teenagers have said they want to take part and we would like to see if we can get more.

“It’s a means to involve the wider community and hopefully get them keen on the idea of maybe volunteering with us later on,” Scottie says.

“We will do fire related learning including fire safety, use of our firefighting equipment and team building exercises.”

Email [email protected] for further information.

Brothers Finn, left, and Billy Sloan slice through a block. Photo: Peter Jones.

Chips fly as axemen show their chops

The Blenheim Axemen’s Club are an adaptable bunch.

With the Marlborough A and P Show cancelled, they decided to relocate their annual wood cutting event from A and P Park to the Hocquard property in Riverlands.

On Saturday, competitors came from far afield to take part in a series of events, all contested in a relaxed, rural atmosphere.

The day’s premier event was the Geoff Hocquard Memorial Standing Championship contested by the top four back markers on the highest handicaps. The event was won by Joe Cox from Timaru, from Andrew Cox, also from Timaru, with Ray Biggs of Nelson third and Christchurch’s John Aitken fourth.

Championship races have all the competitors starting on a count of three seconds.  The Open and Restricted races see all the competitors starting on their marks from the woodchopping handicap system.

The four Open woodchopping events, consisting of small and large Underhand and Standing Chops, had two heats with placegetters meeting in the final.

The 300mm underhand was won by Kyle Hedley, with Chris Heath second, Steve Foster third and Marlborough chopper Finn Sloan fourth.

Hedley and Foster tied for first in the 325mm underhand, with Ross Birchfield third and Sloan fourth.

Foster won the 275mm standing from Hedley, with Picton’s Tim Abel third and Peter McEwen fourth.

Abel claimed the 3000mm standing title, Dave McEwen finishing second, Hedley third and Andrew Cox fourth.

Nelson chopper Hedley, with 15.5 points, claimed the overall points trophy from Steve Foster (Greymouth) on 12.5 pts.

The single and double sawing events had reduced numbers this year, especially with local sawyers Geoffrey Hocquard and Willie Abel unavailable to compete.

The single saw was won by John Aitken, with Andrew Cox second, local sawyer Robbie Brownlee third his grandson Finn Sloan fourth.

The double saw title was claimed by Andrew and Joe Cox, from Brownlee and John Aitken, then Finn and Billy Sloan, followed by Charlie Morgan and Martin Mason.

The three restricted underhand chops were contested by the newcomers, juniors and ladies also competing under the handicap system.

The No 1 restricted was won by Justin Carter, from Ashleigh Radford, Alex Gregg and Toby Godsiff.

The No 2 restricted was taken out by Louie Gregg, with Emma Riddell second, Justin Carter third and Alex Gregg fourth.

Carter claimed the No 3 restricted title, from Louie Gregg, Alex Gregg and Ashleigh Radford respectively.

Carter scored the most points in the restricted chops, with Louie Gregg second.

Local competitors were Tim Abel, Robbie Brownlee and his grandsons Finn Sloan, Billy Sloan, Alex Gregg and Louie Gregg.

Everyone competing at the Blenheim Axemen’s Club event also had a second day of competition with the Nelson Axemen’s Club meeting at the Wakefield Hotel on Sunday.

The current site of Marlborough Boys’ College is planned to become the site of a new Bohally School. File photo.

College build edges closer

Education bosses are set to appoint a contractor for the new colleges by the end of the year.

Ministry of Education staff have revealed bids from interested contractors were received last week, with an appointment set to be made soon.

The move means planning and design phases on the $100 million dollar upgrade can hopefully begin early next year.

Head of Education Infrastructure Service Kim Shannon says the project will transform education in the region, providing world-class education facilities for Marlborough learners.

“The co-location of Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges and relocation of Bohally Intermediate will be one of the biggest projects that the Ministry has ever delivered.”

“The project will transform education in Marlborough, as well as supporting the Top of the South in its post-Covid recovery.”

“This is a really exciting time for all three schools, as well as the wider Blenheim community, and we’re looking forward to working with them as the project progresses,” she says.

After three years of unsuccessfully searching for a greenfield site, the Ministry of Education announced  the colleges would be co-located at the 13.2-hectare McLauchlan Street site,

The project will co-locate Marlborough Boys’ and Marlborough Girls’ College on the site currently occupied by Marlborough Girls’ and Bohally Intermediate.

The Intermediate will be relocated and rebuilt on the current Marlborough Boys’ College site.

Kim says official responses to their Request for Proposals were received last week.

She added the start of procurement is always an important milestone for a project.

“We will now be evaluating the responses, supported by the schools, over the next few weeks. We plan to engage a contractor-led consortium before the end of the year.

“The master planning and design phases will then begin in early 2021, which will inform both the project staging (how and when the individual aspects are carried out) as well as construction and completion timeframes,” she says.

All three schools are being kept in the loop about the project.

“We are in regular contact with both Colleges and Bohally Intermediate about the project, and representatives from all three schools are part of the project’s governance structure.

“The change in Government and COVID-19 have had no impact on the project or its delivery,’ says Kim.

Blenheim court house. File photo.

Judge praises Picton stabbing victim

A 13-year-old boy had been drinking when he stabbed a Picton pensioner in her own home it has been revealed.

The boy, who admitted a charge of assault appeared in youth court after being arrested in June, has apologised to the victim for his actions.

And the 89-year-old women has been praised by the judge for her compassion and positivity.

Overseeing the hearing at Blenheim District Court last week, Judge Russell paid tribute to the victim.

“Her positivity and recovery are absolutely amazing.

“Her world was turned upside down and her physical recovery quite remarkable, but I don’t know how well she’s sleeping at night.”

The woman suffered severe stab wounds in the assault in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

She was taken to Wairau Hospital on Sunday morning and then flown to Wellington Hospital.

She has since been discharged and is home again.

Judge Russell says that at an earlier appearance in court she had been keen to ensure the attacker got the help he needed.

Accompanied in court by his mother, the boy has written letters of apology.

He is also looking at the possibility of volunteering in a bid to give back to the community.

Addressing the boy in court, Judge Russell said he was impressed with the victim’s handling of events.

“She was very compassionate and wants to make sure this never happens to anyone else ever again.

“She is just an amazing lady; a remarkable woman.”

Charged with wounding with intent and burglary, the teenager is being supported by family and Oranga Tamariki.

Following a Family Group Conference, plans have been put in place for the boy who has been remanded to home but can attend school.

A curfew is in place for the boy and there have been no breaches of bail.

The judge said he wanted to explore all avenues to understand what he [the boy] had done and mentioned the possibility of a psychiatric assessment.

Addressing the boy’s mother, Judge Russell asked her how she was feeling.

“You are living every parents’ worst nightmare. You are key in making this plan work.”

Guest judges, from left, Saulo Camillo Nunes, Jesse Mulligan, Fiona Fenwick and Summa MacDonald. Photo: Anthony Phelps.

Perfect pie pair

The pies have been tasted, the wines sipped, and a winner found.

After weeks of searching, the winner of the 2020 Ultimate Burleigh Pie Pairing has been announced.

Jamaican lamb pie and Spätlese Riesling 2017 took out the top spot, beating a record 47 entries from around the region.

Judge and challenge co-founder says the level of interest shows just how much the annual competitions means to people.

“We knew that The Burleigh is the go – to for most folks to satisfy their pie cravings, but this level of involvement has blown us away yet again.

“What started as a few friends getting together over a pie and deciding it was about time the perfect tipple was picked to pair alongside has grown to something really special.”

All $2350 raised through entry fees will be donated to the Marlborough Foodbank.

The winning entry will receive bragging rights, a boxed French brie and their name on the prestigious Burleigh Pairing Trophy.

The four judges – television personality Jesse Mulligan , Marlborough Media co-owner Summa MacDonald, along with Saulo Camillo Nunes, owner of Gramado’s Restaurant, and Fiona Fenwick, – carried out a blind taste test, with official adjudication to ensure fairness all round.

Summa, from Marlborough Media, who sponsored the event, says it was a tough job, but she was happy to help.

“So many delicious pies and wines didn’t make it easy for the judges, but we are a committed crew and somehow pushed through.

“I was genuinely very impressed with the high quality of the entries but not surprised as, living in Marlborough myself, I know that we consistently punch above our weight when it comes to food and wine.”

The winners:

Chicken, Leek & Mushroom – Misty Cove: Landmark Chardonnay 2019

Jerk Chicken – Churton: Natural State Field Blend 2020                        

Vegetarian – Brancott Estate: Fumé Blanc 2011

Mince and Cheddar – Lake Chalice: Lake Chalice Vineyard Selection Merlot 2015

Steak and Blue Cheese – Saint Clair: Saint Clair Rapaura Merlot 2019

Steak, Mushroom and Truffle – Rockferry: The Corners Nebbiolo 2016

Steak and Mushroom – Wither Hills: ‘The Honourable’ Pinot Noir 2016

Steak and Bacon – Novum: Pinot Noir 2019       

Pork Belly – Greywacke: Chardonnay 2013

Jamaican Lamb – Astrolabe: Astrolabe Spätlese Riesling 2017

Wildcard Beverage award:  Devon’s Lemon, Honey & Ginger cordial

The final category in the competition was the public entry, where a new Burleigh Pie flavour could be designed from local ingredients.

The winner was Myal King, 8, with a Tuscan Beef pie with rich parmesan pastry.

Aaron and Isaac Piper from Cloudy Bay Clams are helping raise money for charity with a giant paella. Photo: Paula Hulburt.

All in good taste for charity

Charity begins at home for local businesses keen to help cook up a storm for charity.

Cloudy Bay Clams will be creating a massive paella to sell at Bayley’s Friday Night Feast.

All proceeds from food sold from their stall on the night will be donated to Kids Can and the Life Education Trust.

When owners and operators Isaac and Kerry Piper put word out about what they were doing, a bevy of businesses quickly jumped on board to help.

The response has been humbling, Isaac says.

“This is about good people coming together as a collective under the Cloudy Bay Clams umbrella and giving back to the local community.

“There’s a lot going on in the world right now and we want to focus on the community, do something good.”

The giant paella will use about 40kg of clams and be created by Christchurch restaurant owner and chef Javier Garcia, who is donating his time and skills for free.

Owner of the Curator’s House, he has also lent the huge dish on which the traditional Spanish dish will be cooked.

Cloudy Bay Wines are kindly sponsoring Jack’s Raw Bar, says business development manager Aaron Piper who will be at the event to help shuck clams.

Bayley’s Friday Night gets underway this Friday in Blenheim town centre from 3.30pm until 8.30pm.

The popular family-friendly event will feature a range of local businesses and chefs as well as live music.

“Anybody Cloudy Bay Clans reached to and asked if they wanted to be involved said ‘Totally. What can we do to help?’”

“The response has been humbling,” Aaron says.

“What’s really exciting is that everyone wants to be involved.

‘It’s a great community here and the support has been amazing.

Cloudy Bay Clams and Jack’s Raw Bar will be set up in the forum on the night.

One hundred percent of all money made on the night will go to charity.

Businesses who have contributed with time, expertise and ingredients are:

  • Curators House
  • Boom Town Beer
  • Origin South
  • Boom Town Chef
  • Karaka Cuisine
  • Marlborough Tour Company
  • Imagine Signs
  • Saffron Marlborough
  • Mills Bay Mussels
  • Chateau Marlborough
  • Imagine Signs
  • Cloudy Bay Wines
  • Ora King Salmon
David Havili steps inside Waikato captain Luke Jacobson. Photo: Shuttersport.

Mako skipper leads the way

From the outset, the Tasman Mako have been blessed with outstanding leaders.

In recent times, current coaches Andrew Goodman and Shane Christie led various campaigns with calm authority and the ability to inspire those around them with both deeds and words.

Now David Havili has the captain’s role, and what a fine leader he has become.

In today’s Mitre 10 Cup table-topping premiership clash with Waikato his astounding variety of skills were on display.

Losing the toss was probably his only mistake of the afternoon, but it meant his side had to play the first 40 into a strong north-westerly wind.

With the home team under the pump early as the Mooloo men strove to take advantage of the conditions and boss the game it was the skipper who turned the tables, snatching a timely interception and sprinting 70m to score against the run of play.

His second try stretched the Mako lead to 27-5 early in the second spell then, when Waikato scored twice in quick succession to narrow the gap to 10, he popped up once more with more individual brilliance to bag his third and put the issue beyond doubt.

But wasn’t just his tries that caught the eye. His defence was, as always, first class, along with his ability to read play from the back as well as timing passes designed to put others into gaps.

The versatile skipper relished a return to the 15 jersey after slotting into the midfield last week.

“I definitely love playing 15 but it’s good to have that extra string to your bow, playing at 12.”

David said that despite his side holding some handy advantages during the 80 minutes, he never felt they had the game won until the final whistle.

“You never feel that you have cracked them … it was tough playing into that breeze in the first half and we were glad to have that buffer at halftime … but then they came back, like Waikato always do.”

He admitted he would have opted to play with the wind if he had won the toss but suggested [losing the toss] may have worked in Tasman’s favour.

“We went out there with the mindset of carrying the ball … it was tough to exit and thankfully our defence was on today.”

Although Tasman lost four key players to the All Blacks camp this week their replacements stepped up in fine fashion, David quick to point out that they were by no means “new” players – Isaac Salmon, Alex Ainley, Sione Havili and Alex Nankivell bringing a wealth of experience to the mix.

“These guys have been round for a while. Obviously now is their opportunity … it is awesome for us to have guys in the All Blacks, but we treated it as a challenge this week for those guys to step into their shoes and I thought they did that today.”

They certainly did, all four bringing defensive steel to the party and executing their core roles professionally.

Another top performer was young lock Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta who followed up a man-of-the-match effort against Counties with another big shift today.

Jacob Norris, the Mako go-to-guy at lineout time, is becoming increasingly influential, while Andrew Makalio is relishing regular game time and the chance to run in the wide channels, while scoring regular tries on the back of unstoppable lineout drives.

Halfback Dwayne Polataivao kicked well into the breeze while centre Fetuli Paea continues to prove a handful, on both sides of the ball.

The Sparkies, as the Mako bench is known, are providing impact and continuity, with halfback Louie Chapman, flanker Braden Stewart and hooker Quentin MacDonald, who was extremely unlucky not to bag a “welcome back” try, to the fore.

Along with their five tries, it was the suffocating Mako defence that sealed the deal.

Defence coach Shane Christie was pleased with his charges.

“For a team to hold out Waikato, who have been an outstanding attacking team in the first two rounds, the boys should be really proud of themselves … the way we prepared and executed our defence, not for 80 minutes, but man that was a pretty good effort for the majority of the game,” he added.

Next Sunday it is off to Albany and a meeting with former Mako coach Kieran Keane’s North Harbour team. Kick off is 2.05pm.

The victorious, undefeated Tokomaru netball team at Stadium 2000 on Saturday. Photo: Peter Jones.

Tokomaru too good for all comers

The Tokomaru premier netball team have a unique pre-match ritual. They links arms and step over the mid line of the court they are about to play on in unison.

They undertake this “crossing of the line” to shed all the day’s baggage and concentrate their collective minds solely on the forthcoming game.

At a partially-deserted Stadium 2000 on Saturday afternoon it became very apparent from early on that that their minds were fully-focussed on the job at hand as they ruthlessly disposed of Pelorus 63-46 to claim their second consecutive premier crown.

Pelorus held Toko to a single goal during round robin play, but this afternoon had no answer to the efficiency and collective skill set of the Picton-based crew who almost totally dominated the middle stages of the match.

Pelorus looked the part in the first quarter, won 17-16 by Toko, shooter Paige Lovell finding her range early to land 14 goals from the same number of attempts. With circle defenders Oriana Houra and Jalen King combining superbly to place maximum pressure on the Toko shooting duo of Haze Tepuia and Gemma Hika a tight final appeared in prospect.

However, the second quarter told a different tale. Missed shots, frequent turnovers and errant passes combined to destroy any momentum Pelorus had built. Like any champion side, Tokomaru took full advantage of their rival’s woes, Tepuia and Hika dropping in 15 goals from 19 shots while Pelorus landed just eight from 15.

With Michaela Boaz and Eden Te Huki quick to snatch the rebounds and the dynamic trio of Wilson sisters poised to shift the ball efficiently through midcourt, any Pelorus inaccuracy was swiftly punished.

Despite a change at halftime, with Jordan Peipi coming on at goal attack for Olivia Pinkerton, Tokomaru merely raised the bar.

They managed 22 goal attempts in this period to Pelorus’s 12, landing 19 goals to their opponent’s six successes. Thus, after 45 minutes and with the scoreline reading 51-30, the final was effectively over.

To their credit Pelorus lifted their heads and claimed the final stanza 16-12 to reduce the final margin, but the damage had long since been done. When the final whistle blew, the Toko contingent could reflect on an undefeated season which they ended with a giant exclamation mark.

At the centre of their success was lofty shooter Tepuia, named Marlborough netballer of the year at the MNA prizegiving which followed the final. His conversion rate was staggering and, when he was double-teamed, up stepped the redoubtable Hika to continue the momentum.

The addition of wing attack Dana Wilson to the family-friendly Toko midcourt this year has upped the ante, her clever feeding a feature of the final, while her sisters continue to add pace and precision to the mix. Hana Wilson was voted senior midcourt player of the year.

Boaz and Te Huki have grown as a defensive unit as the season has rolled on, the former strong under the hoop, the latter adept at hinting out intercepts.

Pelorus also had their heroes. Lovell almost single-handedly carrying the bulk of the shooting load, Kelsie Fitzpatrick, Jenna Seabrook, Laura Murphy and Jordan Peipi working hard in midcourt while King and Houra, the latter named defender of the year, did their level best to stem the flow.

Tokomaru coach Vanessa Hika said today’s victory felt different to last year’s triumph.

“Just because it has been such an unusual short season … more challenging too as we didn’t have much time for development.

“But this season has proven to me that relationships are everything … they are a very tight bunch that have just kept getting tighter.

“We have got a real family thing going on there too, sometimes it’s a bonus, sometimes it’s not,” she added with a smile. “But we just like each other and play hard for each other.”

Toko skipper Gemma Hika said that although the scoreline blew out, “it was still hard work out there”.

“We work really hard on our team cohesion off the court as well.

“[Today’s win] was also extra-special as it could possibly be Haze’s last game for us.”

Pelorus coach Courtney Taufa was full of praise for Toko and said her charges were “a bit flat”.

“We needed to back each other a bit more today and we didn’t.”

Tokomaru Crafar Crouch 63 (Haze Tepuia 43/48, Gemma Hika 20/27) Pelorus Edridge Contracting 46 (Paige Lovell 42/62, Olivia Pinkerton 2/9, Courtney Avery 2/4). Quarter scores (winning team first): 17-16, 15-8, 19-6, 12-16.

Haze Tepuia was named 2020 netballer of the year. Photo: Peter Jones.
Haze Tepuia was named 2020 netballer of the year. Photo: Peter Jones.

Netball winners decided

The Tokomaru club definitely dominated proceedings on Marlborough netball’s finals day.

Teams from the Picton-based club contested four of the eight senior grade finals on Saturday, winning them all, from premier to social grade.

Added to this was victory for the Queen Charlotte College Awhina side in the grade four decider.

Tokomaru players also featured prominently in the season awards at premier level.

Haze Tepuia, goal shoot for the premier team, was named outstanding attacking player of the year, while Hana Wilson was voted top midcourt performer.

Oriana Houra from Pelorus was named outstanding defender of the year and also picked up the MVP award for points accrued during the season.

Most improved senior player was MGC defender Taryn Breen.


Finals results

Premier: Tokomaru 63 Pelorus 46

Grade one: MGC Fairweathers 25 Pelorus Farmlands 21

Grade two: Tokomaru Oxleys 23 SMOG Expol 20

Grade three: Tokomaru Summit Real Estate 28 MGC Vets Marlborough 16

Grade four: QCC Awhina 35 Pelorus Havelock Hotel 13

Grade five: SMOG Subway 22 Harlequins WK+ 14

Grade six: Legion 12 Pelorus Owen Marine 11

Grade social: Tokomaru Picton Motordome 31 Pelorus Fairweathers 28


Season prizes

Officiating, umpiring awards

Official of the year: Sonya Masters

Junior umpire of the Year: Tayla Fowke

Most improved umpire: Natasha Cook

Most promising umpire: Mandy O’Malley

Umpire of the Year: Michelle Stagg

Person contributing most to netball: Megan McKendry


Playing awards

Most improved senior defence: (merit Chloe Devir) Taryn Breen

Most improved senior attack: Taila Town

Most improved mid court: Millie Wensley

Most improved senior player overall: Taryn Breen

Most outstanding senior defence: (merit Mya Wiapo, Olivia Robinson) Oriana Houra

Most outstanding senior mid court player (merit Laura Murphy) Hana Wilson

Most outstanding senior attack (merit Anna Gardiner) Haze Tepuia

MVP of the Year: Oriana Houra

Netballer of the Year: Haze Tepuia


Battle of Britain airmen remembered 80 years in

The gathered crowd fell silent as overhead two Marlborough Warbirds flew by, their wings outlined against a perfect blue sky.

About 100 people gathered in the September sunshine on Sunday at Seymour Square to remember the New Zealand airmen who died in the Battle of Britain.

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the famous air battle, Marlborough Mayor John Leggett welcomed guests and Officer Commanding Base Woodbourne, Wing Commander Peter De Rungs.

The service at the Blenheim War Memorial clock tower was attended by 32 military personnel from RNZAF Base Woodbourne.

A total of 135 New Zealand airmen flew with the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain which lasted from May 10 to October 31, 1940.

It was the RAF resistance to the Luftwaffe aerial bombing campaign of southern England that effectively prevented the German invasion of the British Isles, a turning point in World War Two.

Airmen from all over the Commonwealth, including New Zealand, served in RAF Fighter Command.