Sharing the warmth

Elim Church childrens’ pastor Amber Watson and year 10 student Ella Yadav are doing a school fundraiser, but for another school. Photo: Matt Brown.

In a bid to share their Christian values Richmond View School students are raising money to provide comfort and warmth for other children.

Elim Church childrens’ pastor Amber Watson says the high school students at the faith-based college are learning to “think outside themselves” – fundraising to provide warm clothing to those in need.

A movie fundraiser at the weekend, a “bouncy castle lunchtime” and a chocolate drive hoped to raise $2000 to provide another school with desperately-needed warm clothes before winter.

“We would have liked to give every kid a jumper but the costs are quite high,” Amber says.

“It’s biblical. It says in Matthew when you see someone hungry, feed them. If they’re cold, clothe them.”

Year 10 student Ella Yadav says she’s happy to help out wherever needed.

“It’s good to be doing something to bless another school,” she says.

Split into three teams, students were instrumental in organising and running the fundraising activities.

“It’s been very student led,” Amber says.

“It’s thinking outside your own square – need is everywhere.”

Amber says they’re investing in helping others.

“As the school grows, we have to develop as the students develop and give them more responsibility,” she says.

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