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Rower’s Oar-inspiring charity bid

Rower Ethan Alderlieste, shown with Maya the German Shepherd, is raising money for animal charities. Photo: Matt Brown.

A rower with a passion for animals is set to pick up his oars for an epic journey.

Throughout August, animal advocate Nathan Alderlieste, 17, from Blenheim, will attempt to row a huge 310 kms in a bid to raise money for animal charities, including Marlborough Dog Pawz.

The talented sportsman says he wants to use his skills to help those who can’t help themselves.

“I decided that I would use what motivates me, what pushed me and what empowers me to do what I can to help the people who help the neglected and discarded animals in our country.

“Animals love you unconditionally. Their value to humans is exceptional and powerful.

“They provide comfort and emotional support, companionship, therapy and friendship and in return, they rely on us to care for them, to ensure they have food, water and shelter and more importantly love”.

Ethan, who spent the last season working with a team at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

He is confident he can reach his rowing target which is the equivalent of driving on SH1 from Blenheim to Christchurch. He has already raised a third of his $3000 total.

Animal abuse and neglect is an issue that affects the whole country, he says.

“It’s overwhelming.

“Organisations like Marlborough Dog Pawz are made up of volunteers who rely on support and donations from the community to help them provide shelter, medication, food and love for these animals, often putting their hands into their own pockets to make sure every animal is cared for.

“These organisations are the voices for the animals who they cannot speak for themselves.

“They are the champions for the neglected and discarded.

“Any financial help would be much appreciated for this worthwhile cause.”

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