Premier tennis leaders flourish

Oscar Sandford-Jury lines up a smash during his Renwick CPR side’s victory at Pollard Park on Wednesday. Darin Herd watches in the background. Photo: Peter Jones.

Rapaura Blanc and Renwick CPR were the big winners and consolidated their lead at the top of the table during the latest round of the Wine Brokers NZ premier tennis competition on Wednesday.

Rapaura used home court advantage to the full to beat Marlborough 7-2 while Renwick were just as convincing, downing Rapaura Noir by the same score.

In the match at the Forrest Winery Marlborough Tennis Centre Renwick were dominant through most of the roster.

They won both the men’s doubles, Oscar Sandford-Jury and Darin Herd prevailing 6-4, 6-4 over Hugh Robinson and Owen Dodson, then Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury beating Tony Fenemor and Ross Charlton 6-2, 6-4.

Rapaura Noir claimed one back with a mixed doubles win when Glen Cameron and Eveline Apthorp scored a 6-2, 7-5 win over Daniel Riordan and Mieko Kimura.

Singles wins to both the Sandford-Jury brothers, Herd, Nott and Riordan ensured Renwick were never going to be headed, although Apthorp pulled a match back with a win in the women’s single.

On the grass courts, Rapaura Blanc made a blazing start, Ant Walkenhorst and Lee Harborne beating Hamish Morrow and Cameron Lyons 4-6, 7-5, 10-8 in a nail-biter, then Stephen Dempster and Hiro Kishida downing Luca and Jay Geris 6-4, 6-4 in the second men’s’ double.

Ben Burridge and Pauline Fudge combined to take out the mixed doubles, beating Hamish Burrow and Sandy Stubbs 6-2, 6-1 to make a clean sweep of the combines.

Four of the six singles went Rapaura’s way, second victories from Fudge, Kishida, Burridge and Harborne clinching overall victory, although Marlborough grabbed a couple of points, Morrow winning the No 1 men’s tussle against Walkenhorst 7-6, 2-6, 10-8 and Luca Geris taking out the No 4 match-up against Dempster in two sets.

Provisional standings after five rounds: Renwick CPR 74, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 60, Rapaura Wairau Noir 45, Marlborough Forrest Wines 34.


WK+ Presidents grade results, November 12

Division 1: MTC Power 0 Rapaura Just Move 4; MTC Chilli 1 Rapaura Masters 3; Rapaura Wairau River 3 Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 1.

Division 2: Rapaura Pinot 3 Rapaura Matadors 1; Rapaura Newhawkes 0 MTC Volleyeurs 4; MTC Roger Townley Construction 2 (31) MTC Swifts 2 (28); Renwick Mighty Four 3 MTC Swallows 1.

Division 3: MTC Bjorn Again 2 (29) Rapaura Chardonnay 2 (27); Renwick Rebels 0 Renwick Netsetters 4; Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 2 (26) Renwick Re-strung 2 (32); Renwick Rookies 2 (21) MTC Tennis the Menace 2 (23).

Division 4: Rapaura Vines 2 (25) Rapaura Shiraz 2 (33); Renwick Racquets 0 Renwick Serve us a Double! 4; Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters a bye.

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