Plea for special rugby ball to be returned

The missing rugby ball bought in South Africa was a gift from Dylan North's godmother. Photo: Supplied.

A young rugby fan is hoping to be reunited with a very special gift that’s vanished during lockdown.

Eight-year-old Dylan North, who moved from South Africa to Blenheim four years ago, was given a Springboks rugby ball from his godmother.

But the precious ball, which features the final quarter scores on it, has disappeared from outside his home near Alana and Milford Streets in Witherlea.

His mother Delicia North is imploring for anyone who may have seen the ball to get in touch.

“This ball is very special to my son and was kicked over our fence into the street. Someone must have picked it up.

“The ball has special meaning to him as it’s his home country ball and they are the World Cup Champs.

“He loves that ball and hardly every plays with it as it’s a keepsake,” she says.

A devoted Springboks and All Black supporter, Dylan was playing outside with his mum and 4-year-old brother who kicked it over the fence on 10 April.

But it wasn’t until later that night that they realised the ball, worth around $36 Kiwi dollars, had gone.

“We always throw ball and love the outdoors.

“The ball was kicked over by my 4-year-old and he forgot to tell us straight away to go fetch it.

“When we started looking for it later the night, we realised it’s missing and my 4-year-old said his sorry he didn’t come tell us sooner.

“Dylan absolutely loves rugby and he equally loves the Springboks and All Blacks.

“As he is from South Africa, having them win the world cup meant the world to him,” Delicia says.

It was Delcia who brought the ball to Blenheim after she visited South Africa in January.

Dylan’s godmother gave it to her as a gift to take home for her oldest son.

Delicia says the ball can only be bought in South Africa and is hoping someone may have found the Gilbert World Cup Champions ball.

It would mean the world to him to have it back,” she says.

If you have found the ball and would like to help get it back to Dylan, please email [email protected]

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