Passing of a music legend

Dave Beaumont, left, with granddaughter Aimee Moore, and fellow musicians. Photo: courtesy of Marlborough Civic Orchestra. 

An empty space will mark the spot where one of Marlborough’s most respected musicians should be; cornet to his lips, poised to play.

The community is mourning the death of David (Dave) Beaumont who died last week following a long battle with illness.

His funeral will be held on Wednesday 12 June at 3pm at Blenheim’s Nativity Church.

Dave had fought hard to be at the Marlborough Civic Orchestra’s upcoming Carnival concert, says founding member and friend Linda Lloyd who paid tribute to her friend.

“Dave was such an inspiration to us all – even in his twilight years when he had lots of pain, he was still our most committed member and kept playing and coming to rehearsals.

“He was planning on playing with us for our upcoming concert. He was a good friend to all of us in the orchestra, and a very kind man with lots of time to chat to us and be a fatherly figure in our orchestra family.

“He has been in every concert, even when he had to be wheeled on and off stage, nothing prevented him from giving his best.

“His musical knowledge has been so invaluable, and we all respected his opinions on what we were playing.

“Dave got a lot of pleasure out of music and was able to share that pleasure with the orchestra members and audiences, and for that we are so grateful.

“To say he’s going to be sorely missed is an understatement,” she says.

The much-loved Marlborough District Brass Band member and talented musician died at the age of 86-years-old.

People who know him were quick to pay tribute to a man whose talents touched the lives of many.

In an online accolade, a spokesperson for the Marlborough District Brass Band says that Dave was a “highly respected” gentleman.

“Dave has played cornet and flugel horn with Marlborough District Brass for over 50 years and taught music and brass to many thousands of youngsters during this time.

Dave was the longest serving member in the band and one of the oldest cornet players in the country.

Born in 1930, he started playing the cornet in Motueka in 1942.

Dave devoted much of his life to passing on his experience and helped many of the band’s younger members.

He was always happy to help, says the spokesman.

“Many of his pupils have gone on to be highly respected players continuing Dave’s musical prowess and love.

“Dave was a highly respected gentleman who quietly went about supporting those around him to excel”.

Carnival will play at the ASB Theatre on 22 June at 7pm.

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