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Finding their salsa groove overseas

Husband and wife Gary and Karen Knofflock keep up to date with the newest salsa trends. Photo: Supplied.

A dance duo with a passion for salsa have taken their talent to the next level after travelling overseas to learn the latest moves.

Blenheim husband-and-wife Gary and Karen Knofflock have just returned from a 10-day dance trip to the Dominion Republic.

The pair held a Latin Dance Party so others can benefit from their skills.

And they’re planning to bring a dance festival to Blenheim later this year.

Karen says they chose the Dominion Republic as it was where the Bachata style of salsa originated.

“There were up to 200 people there from all over the world; there were about seven of us from New Zealand.

“We wanted to learn all the moves so we can teach them here and what place to learn than where it all started,” she says.

The globe-trotting team from Salsa Groove Marlborough travel regularly to ensure they are up to date with the latest crazes.

They had planned to travel to Cuba while overseas, but political reasons saw the trip cancelled at the last minute they went to the Bahamas instead,

‘Havana is one of our favourite places. You can go into a café in Little Havana and just get up to dance,” says Karen.

“People asked if we were from Cuba. Every time we hear music, we just have to dance”.

Live bands, high temperatures and a balloon trip all made the Dominion Republic trip a great success, says Karen.

Now back in the country, she has turned her attentions to organising their first dance festival, set to take place just before Labour weekend in October.

“There will be teachers from Wellington coming and dancers from across the country.

“We’ll have a pre-party at Fairweathers and then a Hallowe’en party at the Harlequins Rugby Club rooms at Lansdowne Park,” she says.

For further information on salsa dancing lessons and party nights, contact Karen on 027 309 0268 or visit

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