Drone rescue for paraglider

An injured paraglider was spotted by drone. Photo: Supplied.

A seriously injured paraglider was rescued from remote farmland after he was spotted by a drone.

Emergency crews spent 45 minutes searching for the paraglider who crashed about 12.45pm on Monday.

A drone pilot, called into help police and fire crews find the missing man, discovered him at Longpoint near Ward Beach.

The injured man is believed to have spinal injuries and warned rescuers he is also a possible Covid-19 risk.

He was flown by helicopter to Wellington Hospital shortly after 2.10pm.

A police spokeswoman says emergency services were alerted at 12.45pm.

“Emergency services responded to a report of a paraglider crashing on a farmland near Ward Beach Road around 12.45pm.

“The person was located around 1.30pm and flown to hospital with serious injuries.”

The paraglider was unable to activate his locator beacon due to his injuries.

Four-wheel drive vehicles searched farmland in the area where the man was last seen.

But it was a drone pilot who spotted the man on the ground around 50 metres from the sea.

The man has told emergency personnel he has had recent contact with a couple who have possibly been exposed to Covid-19.

Emergency workers were alerted to the possibility of infection and will follow procedures.

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